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DON'T CRACK THE EGG AND WIN $10,000 - Egg Drop Challenge
Don't Crack The Egg And Win $10,000 - Egg Drop Challenge

This was so intense today we had to build a device to protect your egg from a 50 foot drop, and the winner receives $10000.

Picking up Uber Riders in my Lamborghini Urus! **crazy reactions**
Picking Up Uber Riders In My Lamborghini Urus! **crazy Reactions**

That was so funny! i picked up some random uber riders in my new lamborghini urus, and they did not expect it at all.

I Filled My Hot Tub With GLITTER - Experiment (ft. Molly Eskam)
I Filled My Hot Tub With Glitter - Experiment (Ft. Molly Eskam)

Oh my goodness molly and i decided to turn our hot tub into a giant glitter bath.. and it was the coolest thing we've ever done!

1,000,000 Ball Pit Balls in a Moving Truck! (CRAZY)
1,000,000 Ball Pit Balls In A Moving Truck! (Crazy)

That was so fun filling up a moving truck with 1000000 ball pit palls was probably the craziest thing i've done!! hope you ...

24 Hours to ESCAPE the Mystery Room w/ Rebecca Zamolo (Secret Safe Found)
24 Hours To Escape The Mystery Room W/ Rebecca Zamolo (Secret Safe Found)

We found a secret safe!! in today's video, rebecca zamolo and faze rug were found locked in a mystery room, and had ...

I Spent 24 Hours in GLUE & It Was a HUGE Mistake... (Glue Bath)
I Spent 24 Hours In Glue & It Was A Huge Mistake... (Glue Bath)

That was not fun i decided to spend 24 hours overnight in a glue bath, and i definitely regret it.. how many likes can we get ...

Speaking Only Arabic To My Ex-Girlfriend For 24 Hours!! (She Was Confused)

She was so confused.. so for today's video, i spoke only arabic to my ex-girlfriend kaelyn for 24 hours! she had no idea ...

My New Lamborghini Urus Is Finally Here!! (Lambo Suv)

Omg omg omg guys!! the lamborghini urus that i ordered almost a year ago is finally here and it is beautiful! what do ...

Staying at the Most HAUNTED REVIEWED HOTEL in my City! **I REGRET IT**
Staying At The Most Haunted Reviewed Hotel In My City! **i Regret It**

That was so scary so i decided to stay the most haunted reviewed hotel in my city, and i definitely regret it.. that was not fun.

I Spent 24 Hours OVERNIGHT in my Hot Tub & It was a BAD IDEA...
I Spent 24 Hours Overnight In My Hot Tub & It Was A Bad Idea...

I will never do that again so today i tried to spend 24 hours in my jacuzzi, and it was the worst idea ever!! never try to do ...

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